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Is CBL Worth It?

December 11th, 2014 by Jessica McCaughey

Setting out to begin this essay project, my original aim was to explore whether or not the value of a CBL experience outweighed the added time commitment. Although professors who add CBL components to courses reduce the amount of weekly preparatory work for class to account for added time, I wondered if despite this, CBL requirements might still seem to be an added burden to the already heavy workloads of Holy Cross students.

As I was conducting interviews, though, most of the students didn’t seem to feel that CBL impinged upon their schedules or schoolwork. They tended to recognize that professors cut down on outside work to make room for CBL. That being said, I still wanted to know if, to them, CBL was worth it.

The responses yielded a unilateral “yes.” Like me, these students feel that, if one is so inclined, the experiences gleaned from a CBL placement or project are an incredibly valuable part of their education at Holy Cross.